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PascalCoin Wallet

In other cryptocoins you can generate an address to receive coins. In Pascal Coin that's not possible, addresses are
like accounts and accounts are generated by the blockchain. You can mine an account by yourself or receive it
from another account's owner. This account is called PASA and you cannot receive neither store PASC on the wallet without it.

Download & Install

Download the wallet from the official PascalCoin: GitHub (available for Windows and Linux) then begin the installation like you wound normally do (double-click the executable, next, next, ok, etc).

Generate a Public Key and Get PASA

To receive a PASA from someone, you have to generate your own public key first. For that, head over to: 'ProjectPrivateKeys', choose the key and click Export Public Key. Once the key is generated, you can: 1. Buy a PASA on the web. 2. Request us for a free PASA (takes about 14 business days). 3. Obtain a PASA at the official Pascal website. 4. Start mining to an exchange address and set your public key in the Nanopool account settings, wait until 20 PASC have been mined and along with the next payout after that, you'll receive a PASA from the pool (you receive a PASA for every 20 PASC you mine). 


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