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GrinGoldMiner (Nvidia + AMD)

GrinGoldMiner is a Cuckaroo29 PoW algorithm miner that supports all AMD and NVIDIA 6GB GPUs and runs on both Windows and Linux OS.

  1. Download GRIN Gold Miner and make sure to choose the correct version for your OS
  2. Extract the miner to any folder you like and navigate to it
  3. Run the GrinGoldMinerCLI.exe file on Windows and file on Linux then follow the instructions on the screen 
Input 1 - enter Nanopool's server ""
Input n to disable TLS
Input your UID and worker name (for example: g2psaeok9dhefxb8.test123)
Input password (or just leave it blank)
Configuration Completed. Press enter to close.
Run the GrinGoldMinerCLI.exe file on Windows and run file again on Linux to start mining

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