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Get a Rig at Miningrigrentals

Miningrigrentals is a hashpower rental service where you can get a mining Rig and point it to the pool. To mine GRIN (c29) on Nanopool, please register an account at Miningrigrentals and deposit some funds. On the top right corner click your username/favorite pool/add a pool and set the following:

Name - Nanopool (optional)
Type - Cuckaroo C29
Host -
Workername (-u) - YourUID/WorkerName
Password (-p) - x
Eworker - leave it blank
Notes - leave it blank 

Make sure to use a valid UID, otherwise you will not receive your mining reward. To generate an UID, head over to: and click on Create UID button, fill your http address (be careful only http addresses are currently supported by the pool) and your email address to receive alerts from the pool when your Rig goes offline, otherwise fill a passphrase to access your Nanopool account settings. Click Create UID button below when you're done to  generate an UID. Use a simple worker name (just make up any) to identify your Rig on the Nanopool account page. 

Don't forget to set failovers. Starting from the beginning, create another favorite pool using the same data you used first time but different Nanopool host name.. See all available host names here

When you're done, click on Rigs tab and pick out Cuckaroo C29 algorithm. Choose a Rig from the list and set amount of hours you want to mine. Once done, hit Rent Now button and add at least 2 saved pools. Also, in order to avoid high latency, check Nanopool servers you set and the Rig you chose are close geographically. Click on Instant pay Now button when everything is completed to start mining.

After about 30 minutes of mining, go to the pool main page and on the right top corner find Address filed, fill your UID in it and hit enter - you'll be redirected to your Nanopool account.

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