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1. Download Nbminer

Head over to GitHub and download the miner for Windows or Linux. Then unzip the archive to any folder.

2. Configure The Miner 

Locate and edit "start_conflux" file. Copy the content below and paste it into the file.

nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME/EMAIL

For example:

nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+tcp:// -u aannbd97uve7tdg0ef1e5jagd5118zkw9an3k4bg83.Conflux123/[email protected]

You also can use SSL port instead of stratum:

nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+ssl:// -u aannbd97uve7tdg0ef1e5jagd5118zkw9an3k4bg83.Conflux123/[email protected]

Then fill your CFX address,  a name for your RIG and your email address to receive alerts from the pool, otherwise, use a passphrase to access the account settings.


For Base32 address, like: cfx:aak2rra2njvd77ezwjvx04kkds9fzagfe6ku8scz91  you need to remove "cfx:" part.

So your User information will looks like:

nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+ssl:// -u aak2rra2njvd77ezwjvx04kkds9fzagfe6ku8scz91.Conflux123/[email protected]

3. Start mining

Windows OS

Double click the start_conflux.bat file to launch the miner. 

Linux Distributives

For Linux - launch miner with cmd (terminal), like:


Note: cmd (terminal) must be opened in the same directory with the miner. You also can use cd to change current directory to the miner. 

cd C:\path\to\file\NBMiner


Additional Information:

Learn more about Nbminer configurations on GitHub.
Nbminer takes additional 3% fee.

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