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SRBminer (AMD+CPU)

SRBminer is an multi-algorithm miner that supports both AMD and CPU mining of Ergo coin. It runs under Windows x64 and Linux x64 and has a build-in fee of 1.25%.


Download The Miner from  GitHub and extract the archive to any folder.



To change the configuration, open any file with bat extension in miners folder. 

If you can't see file extensions, you need to switch  this option in Folder options.

Bellow you can see setup example, which you need to copy-paste in your .bat file:

@echo off
cd %~dp0

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet YOUR_WALLET.YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL --gpu-boost 3 --log-file log.txt


Open file and replace the values 

./SRBMiner-MULTI --disable-cpu --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet YOUR_WALLET.YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL --gpu-boost 3 --log-file log.txt


YOUR_WALLET.YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL - the template, which allow you to specify worker name, and an email. This email will be used as your password for account on Nanopool. With this password you will be able to change a payout limit, and receive notification emails in case your worker goes offline for some reasons. Alternatively, you can set a passphrase instead to access the account settings - in this case notification system won't work for you, but you still will be able to change the limit.

You need to replace these parameters with your own values: 

  • YOUR_WALLET - your valid Ergo address.
  • YOUR_WORKER_NAME - simple short worker name (like worker01). Optional.
  • YOUR_EMAIL - your email address for notifications. Optional.

Double check you set your own wallet and it's correct. 


Double click the bat  file you modified to launch the miner. 

For Linux - launch miner with cmd (terminal), like:


where "name" is the name of the file you modified

Note: cmd (terminal) must be opened in the same directory with the miner. You also can use cd to change current directory to the miner. 

Check your statistic here:

Additional Information

SRBminer takes additional 1.25% fee.

More information about SRBminer  configuration can be found on GitHub.

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