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Pascal Coin is an instant, zero-fee, infinitely scalable, and decentralized cryptocurrency that was written from scratch in Pascal language, without using the original source code of BitCoin. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Pascal Coin is a type of cryptocurrency where users can store their balances on a safebox system similar to a bank account and complete with a short, easy-to-remember account number. This kind of cryptocurrency is designed to work without an operations history (i.e. locally stored blockchain), yet it's still able to manage double spending and check balances.

The project was launched back in 2016 by Albert Molina without any ICO or premine. And it's concept was aimed to adjust some Bitcoin issues as well as to offer comprehensive privacy including zk-SNARKs without sacrificing its infinite scalability along with the safebox system that is easy to understand and easy to work with.


Pascal Coin is based on a low-memory and ASIC-resistant Proof-of-Work algorithm called RandomHash. This CPU-native algorithm reinvents mining decentralization by combining hash primitives in a highly serial manner in conjunction with a branch-heavy and recursive implementation. Random Hash is proposed to resolve and prevent dual- mining centralization. Random Hash,  is a "high-level cryptographic hash" algorithm that combines other a set of 18 well-known hash algorithms. 

The distinguishing feature is that calculations for a nonce are dependent on partial calculations of other nonces, selected at random. This allows CPUs to re-use these partial calculations in subsequent mining saving 50% or more of the work-load. Whereas GPUs cannot benefit from this optimization since the optimal nonce-set cannot be pre-calculated as it's determined on the-fly. As a result, GPUs are required to perform the full workload for every nonce, thus it's branch- heavy and recursive making in optimal for CPU-only mining.


Pascal mining has become CPU oriented after the fork, but it doesn't mean you cannot mine Pascal with a GPU. There's few miners that are able to mine Pascal with GPU, however since the RandomHash algorithm is optimal for CPU-only mining, it most likely wouldn't worth the effort mining it on a GPU. Nevertheless, if you have a RIG, by using Nanominer you'll be able to mine 2 coins at the same time: Pascal on a CPU+another coin on a GPU. See Nanominer's README file for dual-mining setup examples. See our quick step-by-step guide on how to mine Pascal on Nanopool too.

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