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Grin is a project aimed at privacy, scalability and fungibility that is built by implementing a MimbleWimble blockchain with with a number of optimizations. GRIN transactions are puzzling but can still be validated appropriately despite there being no addresses and the amounts transacted are entirely hidden. MimbleWimble relies on the properties of Elliptic Curve Cryptography to structure transactions based on the verification of zero sums and possession of private keys. Grin keeps the privacy and fungibility features of MimbleWimble where there are no addresses, transactions amounts, and transactions can be merged removing all intermediary information. And blocks in Grin contain no transactions and the block just looks like one big transaction. Grin is one of few coins that uses implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol and the it was fairly launched on the mainnet at the beginning of 2019, without an ICO, pre-mine or founder’s reward. 

Grin is a revolution in the field of cryptocurrency which make the most out of the cryptographic principles and solves a few major issues from which Bitcoin suffers: scalability, speed and privacy.


Grin coin has two Proof-of-Work algorithms — a primary algorithm called Cuckatoo31, which is ASIC-friendly and a secondary one called Cuckaroo29, that is GPU-friendly. Therefore its miners have a choice; should they mine the GPU oriented Cuckaroo29, or the ASIC oriented Cuckatoo31 algorithm. 


It is required that your Nvidia GPU has at least 4 GB of memory and if you have an AMD GPU, it should have at least 8 GB of memory to successfully mine Grin on the Cuckaroo29 algorithm.  For more details, see our quick step-by-step guide on how to mine GRIN on Nanopool.

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