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P.O.S. vs. P.O.W. how has it changed mining, and more specifically , monero and it's mining



  • Bruce Olivier

    Also is there some way to utilize the potential of GPU over using CPU for mining?

  • John Smith

    Proof-of-Work (POW) is related to regular, well known, mining. You have a Rig, it is connected to the pool (or directly to the wallet if you are solo miner), it solves some tasks and get a reward for it's work.

    Proof-of-Stake (POS) it's not about a work, but about the money. You do not need a rig for a work, but you need a money, which you will stake (deposit) in a long term. The more money you deposit, the more weight you have in the network, and the more you earn.

    I can not answer the second question, because everything depends on the coin which you choose. Of course there is a lot of GPU focused coins, and some coins designed only for CPU mining.
    You can use to compare results of different GPUs in altcoins.


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